David Gil filmmaker portrait

David Gil

Photo by Tamara Staples

I identify as an unlabeled mutt with three national identities. My blood is Colombian, my soul is French (my adoptive country where I had the opportunity to launch my practice) and I currently live and work in New York City. I specialized in Luxury Management at l’Institut Français de la Mode in Paris and in Art, Design and the Public Domain at Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Building legitimate bridges between exceptional craftsmanship, the visual arts, and the public space is at the core of my work.

I fostered my critical thinking and aesthetics as a creative consultant in the luxury, beauty, and fashion sectors. Some of the commissions I was entrusted with include:

My creative process

In parallel, my interest in the vanishing intersections between artistic mediums of expression inspired me to form a Collective of Artists, to develop a collaborative creative process, and to lead and produce ambitious multidisciplinary artistic projects at the intersection of design, visual art, and film.


The pivotal point of my career, took place when I started experimenting with filmmaking. At this moment, the role of the creative director was expanding in the luxury sector beyond product design to also include image-making.

Candyland short film by david gil short film by david gil
Candyland short film by david gil short film by david gil


LVMH saw potential in my audio-visual independent projects and invited me to produce an experimental animation short film using the brand codes of Sephora as the main character. The result served as the creative direction brief for Where Beauty Beats, the brand’s 2013 European Ad campaign produced by BETC.


I pursued my autodidactic passion for the craft of filmmaking with my first short documentary. For 5 years, I followed a series of contemporary dance workshops and public performances at l’Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière and Micadanses in Paris. The workshops caught the attention of doctors at l’Institut du Cerveau (ICM), who launched a protocol of neuroscientific research to measure the contribution of dance for those affected by the incurable disease. The 15-minute documentary was screened at the Cinema Grand Action in Paris and by France Televisions.


In 2020, I funded deleted films, the current framework of my collaborative creative process. Since then, I have had the opportunity to independently write, direct, and produce my first narrative short film in collaboration with Matthew J. Siegel, my mentor and co-producer. Matt is a CLIO and Emmy Award-winning producer, director of photography, and camera operator with experience in features such as The Matrix: Reloaded, Spiderman 2, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and others. The 13-minute short was finished in March 2024. I am currently submitting to the international film festival circuit and working on my next short film to be shot in the coming months.

Candyland short film by david gil short film by david gil
Candyland short film by david gil short film by david gil


My responsibilities include story, script, storyboard, cast, rehearsals, locations, set design, costume, logistics, and post-production. Matt takes care of the camera and crew. We aim to tell experimental socially engaged narratives, to cast underrepresented talent, and to collaborate with a crew composed of at least 50% women.

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